What is Julython?

During the month of July, we're encouraging developers of all skill levels to try and work on your pet project(s) just a little each day. It's a great excuse to contribute to the communities you follow, or even dive into a language for the first time.

Are There Rules?

There is only one rule, to have fun! The goal is that you either learn something new or to help finish a project you started. If you share your repository or your commits with us, we will tally up points for each commit or new project you work on during the month of July.

How Do I Join In?

All you need is a project to work on that isn't your regular day job. We recommend you choose something open, perhaps on GitHub or Bitbucket, so that others can see your progress. Then add a webhook for your repository, and we'll track your progress next to everyone else.

9566 commits during Julython 2016!

2016 Live

Posted on July 1, 2016 by Robert Myers

We're live for 2016, sorry for the delay. If you haven't noticed we've been a little slow on updates to the site as work and life are taking up too much of our time :(

Send an email to help@julython.org if you wish to contribute, or just send us a PR on our Github

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