3. Aaron Meurer 233 points

SymPy Lead Dev. Interning at

Austin, TX, USA

7. Ferdinand Silva 120 points

I'm a handsome noob programmer...


9. Jeff Forcier 99 points

Python/Ruby coder, Linux sysadmin, all-around geek. Fabric maintainer; Django book author.

San Francisco, CA, USA

10. Ralph Bean 77 points

Python hacker and marxist!

Rochester, NY, USA FOSS@RIT

12. Josh Lewis 60 points

Ruby, Rails, JavaScript Developer

Memphis, TN, USA MEMpy

13. Ian Cordasco 53 points,, flake8, gh-cli, mock_github_api, and other fun python projects

Madison, WI, USA Rackspace

15. Maksim Sokolskiy 43 points

Python Web Developer at RaccoonGang

Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine RaccoonGang

17. Doug Latornell 39 points

Engineer, Cyclist, Pythonista, Foodie

Vancouver, BC, Canada

20. SVAKSHA ॥ स्वक्ष ॥ 34 points

India PyLadies

21. Parbhat Puri 34 points

India Trinbago Massive

22. Richard West 31 points

Asst. Prof. Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

Boston, MA, USA

23. Burak Arslan 31 points

Spyne guy, bike technician

Istanbul, Turkey

25. Chris Markiewicz 28 points

Grad student in neuroscience.

Boston, MA, USA

32. Patrick Altman 22 points

VP of Engineering at Eldarion, Pinax Core Developer, Technologist, Author, Husband, Father, Christian

Nashville, TN, USA Eldarion

37. Byron Galbraith 18 points

PhD Candidate in Cognitive and Neural Systems; Software Developer

Boston, MA, USA

38. Eddie Hebert 18 points

Hacking Wall Street.

Boston, MA, USA

45. Kirill Klenov 14 points

Open Source Believer; Python/Parser Developer, JavaScript/CSS/XHTML/XSLT Professional, Shell wizard and etc etc etc

Moscow, Russia

48. Matt Makai 13 points

Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Boston, MA, USA

50. Ian Ward 12 points

I wrote Urwid and other Python things

Ottawa, ON, Canada

52. Daniel Beck 12 points

I'm a technical writer. I write (for money) stuff people would rather skip, but these tweets are on the house.

Newark, DE, USA

55. James Socol 12 points

Community Platforms Manager at Mozilla. Djangonaut. Brooklyn-dwelling (coffee|pizza) snob who dislikes serial commas.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

57. Markus Zapke-Gründemann 11 points

Python, Django, Mercurial, Hacking, Open Source, Open Data, vegetarian, coding at transcode

Leipzig, Germany transcode


1. 677 points

2. Hackerspace Silesia 245 points

3. edX 158 points

4. FOSS@RIT 101 points

5. Trinbago Massive 96 points

6. Rackspace 76 points

7. PyLadies 69 points

8. MEMpy 60 points

9. AFPy 58 points

10. RaccoonGang 43 points

11. Hackerspace Budapest 31 points

12. 26 points

13. Eldarion 22 points

14. HP 14 points

15. kcshoptalk 13 points

16. transcode 11 points